Elsa L Gunter

Elsa L Gunter

Research Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois, Urbana - Champaign,

Curriculum Vita

Class Materials
Course Web-site for Topics in Automated Deduction (CS 576 Spring 2015)
Course Web-site for Programming Languages and Compilers (CS 421 Fall 2014)
Course Web-site for Formal Software Development Methods (CS 477 Spring 2014)
Course Web-site for Operating Systems Design (CS 423 Spring 2011)
Course Web-site for Programming Languages Design(CS 422 Spring 2009)

Research Interests: Formal methods; programming languages; software engineering; design and use of automated and interactive theorem provers; mathematical semantics of programming languages; formal reasoning about human-computer systems; formal reasoning about security; proof theory and type theory


Current Projects
VeriF-OPT: A Verification Framework for Optimization of Parallel Programs and Program Transformation
PTRANS Executable Semantics
DSILL: A distributed functional language with linear logic session types
Holistic CSP: Semantics-based tools for the analysis of CSP programs
Rely-Guarantee Temporal Logic

Recent Projects
Formal Verification of Simulation Traces
Tutela: A tool for analysizing the protection envelope required for a human operator of a computer system
Weak Higher-Order Abstract Syntax in Isabelle

PhD Students


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